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MadDabber, aka Justin James Bridges, was born in Texas. In fact, I joked with him that his blues guitar had that Stevie Ray Vaughn Texas Flood sound to it.

In 2011 he was in Portland when the first Black Lives Matter protests broke out.

Justin Bridges prior to his injury by police, holding his arms up in peace.

He was volunteering as a sign language interpreter in Chapman Park when the police showed up to clear the park. He ended up caught up in the press of the crowd and was shoved up against a concrete trash can and fell. He told me that he couldn’t feel his legs and he couldn’t hold himself up.

The police grabbed him by the legs and started dragging him out of the crowd. Meanwhile, he was in screaming pain. He reports that the officers said he was resisting arrest and started beating him.

“The police grabbed me by my legs and pulled me through the mud,” says Bridges. “They started saying I was resisting arrest and started beating me. They tried to pick me up and I couldn’t feel my legs, they were screaming at me because I couldn’t walk.”

When officers grabbed ahold of his bandana, Bridges continues, he began to choke and told officers he couldn’t breathe.

“One of the cops laughed and said, ‘You can still breathe because you can talk.'”
“I was beat, they took away my first amendment right to peacefully assemble. They didn’t even charge me or arrest me.”

When he came too, the police were loading him into an ambulance and he ended up in the hospital. The spinal injury ended in partial paralysis, uncontrollable spasms or seizures, and extreme pain. He reported to me that opiate-based pain medications were just not cutting it for the pain.

He began to use cannabis for pain and seizures. He discovered that RSO (or FECO) controlled his seizures and so he began to take it daily. However, this did result in rather high tolerance, thus the name MadDabber. He mentioned to me that when he goes too long without his medicine that the seizures return.

Editor’s Note: RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, named after the guy who popularized its use as medicine. FECO stands for Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil. Old hippies would refer to it as hash oil. It is all the same process of extracting the whole plant using an alcohol-based extraction method. This allows for the extraction of all cannabinoids, along with the terpene and flavinoid profile of the cannabis plant. This is an exceptionally powerful medicine that is even being used to successfully treat some types of cancer. (See the deets)

Some medical applications for medical cannabis require rather high doses in order to work their magic. These applications include certain types of pain management, seizures and Parkinson’s treatments, homeopathic rebalancing of several systems at a time such as for auto-immune disorders, and cancer treatment. MadDabber will most likely have to take cannabis as medicine for the rest of his life for the treatment of both the seizures and for pain management.

Once he started on an RSO regimen, his pain and seizures were under control enough to start the long road to recovery from the paralysis. MadDabber noted to me that he had to learn how to walk again and that he had to relearn how to play guitar.

In 2015, he became a High Times Cannabis judge. He is fortunate to get to judge some of the best weed in the world and to have learned to grow his own cannabis from the masters.

He maintains that his tour bus was a gift to him from the Merry Pranksters. (Pictured). Nowadays, he travels around on his bus with his wife and child and plays music. He also continues his work as a High Times cannabis judge.

I would like to say that it was a pleasure meeting the MadDabber. I know from personal experience how terrifying events can be when large protests break out. Tensions are high on both sides and unexpected things can and will happen at any time. However, despite his struggles, he seemed to be happy and was a very friendly, outgoing, and fun fellow. Keep on keeping on.

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