Meet Marty Dyer

Marty did 7 years on a grow charge

And still owes the state over $33,000 in fines. It is my understanding that he is now on a fixed income. The fact that he is still having to pay fines for cannabis after all these years is just ridiculous. It is my intention with these advocacy articles to bring to light some of the injustices that STILL exist in Oklahoma, despite the fact that cannabis is now medically legal.

I got the privilege of meeting Marty when he came into The Stashbox to get his medical card. As Marty and I chatted, he kept bringing up this grow charge he was popped on in the late 80’s. So I decided to check him out on Oklahoma’s ODCR. I was able to quickly figure out that his story checked out and that he owed nearly $35,000 in fines on that charge.

Now, I have to ask the hard questions here: Where is the criminal justice reform to go along with the legalization movement? Why is this old man still having to pay fines, when the plant is now more or less legal? And don’t tell me its because it was illegal back then, because it turns out all of the reasons we were given for making it illegal turned out to be lies. We were lied too and lives were destroyed and it is time for us to release our plant prisoners and to expunge the records of ALL cannabis convictions. This is something that weighs on my heart every time I smoke. We must do better for these folks and if we have to get loud and proud to be heard then that is what we are going to need to do. This change is not complete until we have rectified the mistakes of the past. We can start by expunging this fellow’s cannabis convictions.

In the coming weeks, I will be trying to bring to light cases such as this as I become aware of them. It is time for us to start considering the criminal justice side of cannabis reform.

If you happen to know of a plant prisoner or someone who is suffering under heavy fines, I would like to know about them. You can send us your info to our Contact Us Page. Alternatively, you can contact us on our Facebook Page. We are interested in any articles like this that we can gather up.

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William Bradley

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