Pharm788 Penny RSO Program

Details about Pharm788's

Penny Rso Program

Pharm788 serves as many patients as possible, as long as they have a letter from their doctor with the diagnosis, and as long as they have the product.  They ask that patients call ahead to set up the day and time to pick it up. This is to ensure that they do not have someone driving a distance and the RSO not being on hand.  Right now, they are doing 2 RSO syringes per patient per week and hope to raise funds to service more patients.

Kentucky Black is the contact for the RSO Program.

Pharm788 can be found at:


  • 480858 US Hwy 64
  • Roland, OK
  • (918) 503-6023
  • Hours 9-9, 7 days a week


If you have a penny rso program you would like to advertise:
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