Product Review – Sensi Star

Sensi Star


Cultivated by Newgenics 

  • 23.0% Thc
  • Indica
  • Best for afternoon/evening use 

Appearance: The deep pure purple of this flower and stellar trichome production makes this strain look like the Milky Way . with its vibrant cosmic color and star cluster like trichomes, this strain is sure to light up the room. Giant fluffy purple buds carefully trimmed to perfection by the steadiest of hands will sure to make a lasting impression on the most seasoned of cannasuers. 

Smell: desserts, floral, diesel, berry

Taste: fruity, candy /desserts, sweet 

Effects: Extremely potent, this strain is a multi-award winner since the late 90s. Known to treat pain quickly and effectively. Sensi Star has an interesting uplifting euphoric cerebral high, quickly accompanied by an intense wave of relaxation and pain relief felt head to toe. This strain is a great sleep aid as well and best for late afternoons and evenings. You will likely find yourself somewhere between a nap and a daydream. 

Medical uses: 

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression

Terp highlight: Humulene does it all, but works best against bacteria, inflammation, and tumors. Unlike most strains, humulene-rich cannabis is also anorectic, meaning it suppresses hunger.

Jar appeal: 10/10

Taste/flavor/effect: 10/10 

Shout out to the team over at Newgenics who brought us this powerhouse strain and Natural Remedies for bringing it to the patients.

William Bradley

William Bradley

Editor and webmaster.