Ron Durbin Speaks About the Metrc lawsuit

Ron Durbin Speaks About the Metrc Lawsuit

And the subsequent injunction against Metrc on the steps of the Okmulgee County Courthouse

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Donate to the Viridian Legal Defense Fund to help stop Metrc.

Ron Durbin has sued Metrc and the OMMA. He sought injuctive relief from the implementation of Metrc. He was granted this inunjction, which stops cannabis businesses from having to buy Metrc tags, among may other things. This lawsuit challenges the monopoly setup by OMES. This injunction will hold until the case is heard in court. The lawsuit was brought by Ron Durbin after repeated requests to review the contract were ignored.

Donate to the Viridian Legal Defense Fund to help stop Metrc.

The link is below to make that donation. YOU MAY ALSO MAIL A CHECK OR DROP BY CASH TO VIRIDIAN AT 1602 S MAIN ST., TULSA, OK 74119 (Ask for Rachel). Please read the information at the bottom before making a donation. The immediate strategy is: 1. Fully retain local counsel in Okmulgee, 2. Retain additional counsel to assist in drafting and research, 3. Show up on Thursday and do everything I can to kick their ass. Please put METRC DONATION in the Description line, and I plan on doing something to recognize those who donate. Please note DO NOT PUBLICIZE if you do not want your name shared, or let us know in the description the name of a business if you prefer we use that. you would like to contribute to the Metrc lawsuit, you may do so at the link above. This is a direct payment into the Viridian Legal Services, PLLC attorney trust account. All monies will be used for the Metrc lawsuit and the Metrc lawsuit ONLY. In the event that any funds are not utilized in that lawsuit, those contributing will receive the remainder of any funds back on a pro rata basis calculated using the amount contributed. There are some important things that I must tell you, so please read these things.

  1. A donation does not create an attorney/client relationship.
  2. Making a donation will not entitle you to any information about the lawsuit other than what I can say publicly. I will keep everyone updated on the status as I can, but making a donation does not mean you are entitled to special inside information. The clients are the three class representatives, so I have to communicate with them, but I simply do not have the time to take individual calls. If the Court certifies as a class action, the class will represent all medical marijuana businesses in Oklahoma that are part of the class.
  3. All strategy decisions will be made by me in consultation with named Plaintiffs (it has to be this way by rule). I just need people to understand I cannot consult with everyone. That is an impossible task.
  4. Once a donation is made, you will not be able to request a refund of any portion of it. We will refund any unused portion as laid out above at the conclusion of the litigation, but we cannot do that before.
  5. There is no guarantee of an outcome! I wish I had a crystal ball, but they forgot to pass those out at law school graduation.
  6. We appreciate each and every one of you. I am sorry that I have to put these disclaimers, but they are required by the Rules of Professional Conduct, and I want to make sure we are all on the same page.
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