Small Minds

Small Minds Can’t Comprehend Great People

By GI Mary Jane

“Small minds can’t comprehend great spirits. To be great you have to be willing to be mocked, hated & misunderstood. Stay strong in your convictions! Your passion IS your purpose!” -GI Mary Jane 
A message from The Commander in Kief:  Historically, it’s the greatest of minds that the world will fight the hardest to keep down. Isn’t it comforting to know that those great minds are also the ones that rarely give in to the pressure but in contrast let the pressure press them forward? Take Tesla, for instance, a man with a vision of sustainable electricity for everyone. His competition told the public that his claims were over-exaggerated, or dangerous tarnishing his reputation. Even his buddy J.P. Morgan gave him a $150,000 investment because he believed in Tesla’s vision so much on a scientific level. Being such a huge player in the profit movement, Morgan suddenly became disenchanted by the thought of making a menial profit and set out to tarnish the reputation and visions of Tesla. But Tesla never stopped inventing, never stopped chasing his vision, never gave in to the pressure. His inventions were destroyed but his vision lived on straight to the current day where the Tesla company continues to make great advancements in electricity, and all in his name.  Interesting that word, “Pressure” don’t you think? In today’s world, when we hear the word “pressure” it automatically fills us with anxiety. But why? Why are we so scared of pressure? It is after all the driving force behind most everything, human or not. After all, the arrow can’t fly towards its target without a significant amount of pressure being put on the bow.  In the animal world when the cheetah needs to feed her young, she uses the mental pressure of their survival to instantly go on the hunt and the crushing pressure of her jaw to make the kill and ensure the survival of her cubs. Industrially, when a vacuum cleaner is switched on, it sucks air from the outside creating a pressure system on the inside allowing the vacuum to do its job and clean your house. Biologically speaking, our cardiovascular system works hard in tandem with our vital organs in an attempt to maintain proper pressure within our veins so that our blood can circulate more freely and give us life!  So why are we humans so scared of pressure? In all of the above examples, pressure is the driving force behind making everything work. The Cheetah doesn’t stop for a minute and think…  “hmmm, going on this hunt could be pretty scary, the pressure of having to feed my babies is stressing me out so maybe I should just wait for the cheetah next door to come home with some extra scraps to share so I’ll stay safe”  The Cheetah instantly jumps into action, without thought the very second it feels that pressure to provide. She doesn’t call her parents for advice or check on social media to see if any of her friends can do it for her or with her in an attempt to relieve some of the mental “pressure”. Is that instinct? Or is that the animal’s ability to feel the energy of the universe without fear? We humans seem to be on the bottom of the food chain when it comes to fear, generally speaking, we run from it in an attempt to “be safe” but how safe is it to run away and not confront what’s in your way?  Great people have great spirits, and great spirits instinctually recognize pressure as a driving force to help fuel their passion, whatever it may be. I think this confuses a lot of people because in their perception, running full speed into and through your fears seems irresponsible. Why run into a fire? That’s not “safe” you may get burned. Well, if you don’t run through that fire, you’ll never get out of the burning building and when it crumbles you’ll crumble with it.  Because of that, great spirits are faced with great resistance, because the weak spirits don’t understand. They will criticize, point fingers, and try to belittle you and your mission. Just like your fears, however, you have to face the criticism too with absolute confidence in your purpose.  Don’t let the doubt and ugliness falter you from your calling, whatever that calling is. Walk away from certainty and face that thing you fear the most, the thing that seems to be giving you the most pressure. That heavy feeling in your chest that you may call anxiety, it’s just your inner energy telling you to go with the flow of the universe. Whatever it is that you fear most, is the thing that you should be doing.  The only thing in the entire world that gets smaller as you run toward it, is fear. Embrace it, face it, and be thankful that the universe picked you to be the one to do it, whatever “it” may be. Now, be warned. Once you break through and begin to love facing your fears and changing your life, there WILL be backlash from the small spirits who don’t understand. But you? You need to continue to show those people love and fearlessness, don’t give in to the anger you may start to feel when the name-calling and doubt starts. Stand firm and respectful in your speech and posture.  When they argue with you, stay positive, don’t argue back. People generally don’t remember content, they remember the emotion, so keep a handle on yours when you’re standing up for what you believe in. When the opposition sees a person who not only is brave enough to face fear and doubt but also can control their emotions, they’ll start to open up a little bit more although they may not admit they have.  Soldier on warriors of peace! Your passion IS your purpose, let your light shine, let your inner spirit enrich the world with love and understanding. If you feel that passion inside but you’re still a bit timid to let it shine, then step inside of yourself and inside of that passion. Embrace it, learn to understand it, and become confident in it and be prepared to hear a lot of people tell you you’re wrong. The ONLY person who knows your true passion is YOU so while “They” may never understand, they will eventually be inspired by your commitment to your passion… Your purpose!

William Bradley

William Bradley

Editor and webmaster.