Strain: Vanilla Frosting

Strain: Vanilla Frosting

Thc: 19.3%

  • Indica dominant hybrid ( 65% x 35% )
  • After dinner strain 
  • Bred by: Humboldt Seed Company 
  • Lineage: Humboldt Gelato X Humboldt Frost

Appearance: A light avocado green with shades of an almost violet-green in spots, with a large number of red hairs dancing across the buds. A thick coating of crystals made the large nugs look like they were rolled in sugar. Each nug was dense and sticky. 

Smell: Rich, creamy vanilla, with fuel tones that are both sweet and pungent. I got a strong whiff of vanilla and diesel when I cracked open my jar. The vanilla is very strong, creamy, and sweet. The diesel was more of a booster for the vanilla, making the sweet, creamy aroma stronger and more pungent. Breaking apart the buds only made the smell of vanilla even stronger. It was very inviting, and I couldn’t wait to taste the vanilla in my bowl.

Taste: The taste of vanilla is extremely present in the flavor of the buds. Although there is a strong taste of diesel it seems to serve the same purpose as it did in the fragrance, boosting the sweet, creamy flavor of vanilla in the buds. It reminded me of using a lot of vanilla creamer to cover the taste of super-strong coffee, the sweetness of the cream dominating the bitter flavor. As a dessert strain, it’s truly a unique and flavorful experience. 

Effect: My entire body relaxed within minutes, and my thoughts slowed to a snail’s pace. A lofty, cerebral high that instantly brought total relaxation felt in waves throughout my body. I attempted to watch a new movie that just came out, but I was dozing off before the end of it. Vanilla Frosting is a powerful Indica strain, and it knocked me down flat.

Terp Highlight: Ocimene has exhibited anti-inflammatory effects in white blood cells through a variety of pathways. Antifungal effects are also seen with the human-specific Candida species. And very interestingly ocimene showed specificity and effectiveness against the SARS virus. One of ocimene’s many therapeutic benefits is as a decongestant and expectorant. Anecdotal evidence indicates that ocimene helps clear airways and improve respiration when smoked or vaped.

Medical uses:

  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Jar appeal: 10/10

Smell/Taste/Effect: 10/10

Big shout out to Trichome Industries, loving the exotic strains you bring to the patients. Always ahead of the rest.

– By Monte Pruitt

William Bradley

William Bradley

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