The Seeds We Sow For Our Future to Grow

Since medicinal marijuana has become legal in our beautiful state of Oklahoma I like many others, were able to acquire our medical marijuana license. Currently, there is much debate about our state becoming recreational. 

 As someone who has the privilege to access my own method of appeasement, I have become accustomed to a level of quality with ease. 

For example: if I have back pain, I could use a bath balm, topical, tincture, concentrate, edible, and/or bud that possesses the appropriate amount for my comfort level.  

There is an array of knowledge within each product to further achieve your medicinal purposes safely. 

 As another example, if I would like to be functional and focus yet medicated understanding the strains and terpenes within each strain is important.

A plant might be high in THC but then again is that the strain you need? Some terpenes in high dosage might give the person ingesting it a panic attack if they aren’t aware of which terpenes will affect them in which way. Others might be more prone to couch-lock in a dizzy, not fun way. 

 The freedom to go and choose what kind of experience I want to go through is an important feature as well. 

How secure is the establishment? 

If it’s not important to you that’s alright because there are places that are just straight forward and plain as day. 

Some places have an open waiting area, and some have security or a receptionist you have to check in with before you can enter and there are secured establishments with a waiting area but not always. 

There are some dispensaries that are so busy they are just trying to help you as fast as they can. 

There are some that treat you like you’re in a professional environment where you can privately discuss your symptoms to help guide you to the appropriate products and how to ingest them appropriately for the user. 

No matter where I might go there is always an etiquette that is implied as well. Usually, the budtenders will encourage me to smell the bud. If I was ever so inclined to want to sniff on something special to me it’s never wrong to ask permission first. 

 In fact, you really should! Always ask for permission to touch or if you want a glove to physically touch the bud. 

Always be considerate of the product, if you are going to stick the bud up your nose to get an idea of what it smells like and what terpenes it posses you might as well go ahead and buy it. 

It’s a really exciting time to be alive and experience being able to partake legally. It’s not as comfortable to medicate in fear of being demonized and establishing a criminal record. There are laws that are implied but some are still confused about it or just rebels without a cause. 

It’s important to understand the language of the law completely. Because soon some of that language might change. 

That’s frustrating for those medically relying on this herb. There are a lot of people who have altered their stance on the matter of medical marijuana after witnessing the drastic improvement for those who have benefited from the new laws. 

The importance of medicinal marijuana strives behind the accessibility of a quality product. The process of ensuring the quality is what it says it is and it’s not contaminated by mold, infestation, or additives.

The other important choice we all have as card carriers is that we can choose to grow and produce our own medicinal remedy. 

 I understand some are just looking to get elevated and it’s not very important if the strain name isn’t what it says it is. Or if they are sucking down butane for that matter. 

I feel all of us have a chance to take the seeds we have and sow them for a better future. 

Right now is really our chance to decide how we would like to mold our culture and industry that stands for Oklahoman’s and set an example for not just our neighboring states, but for the country. 

When CBD became federally legal I didn’t hear much talk about if what I could ingest wasn’t some snake oil from another country. There are still plenty of places to find questionable CBD products and there are some establishments that really are passionate about healing themselves and others with CBD and THC products. 

The other important factors at play are taxes, I have become aware of what the median price for what I am interested in goes for and implying the state taxes that will come to my total at my visit. 

But, I am not one to waste my time or the budtenders. I usually have an idea of what I’m trying to achieve and outright tell the budtender what my budget is and what I’m trying to do with it.

If we have the time I might talk about what I would like to get on my next visit or an experience with a product. 

 The level of budtenders is of varying degrees as well. Some just started 3 weeks ago and just partake prior to legalization. Some might have just started 3 weeks ago and had been selling illegally for years. But the very few and most impressive budtenders I have met have been apart of the legal marijuana movement since it began being legal in other states. 

The most impressive budtenders I have had the privilege to talk to aren’t always in the bigger populations. One specific place in Muskogee, OK had a gentleman that gave me real educational experience and it was the most relaxed laid back teaching I have experience with a budtender. Oklahoma Natural Grass was one of many that I had stopped to check in and experience the culture of that city. 

I appreciate establishment that has it laid out there for you, what the strains are? What terpenes are the most dominant? 

Other things that make for a memorable time is feeling comfortable to ask the budtender for their test results on a product. Who do they farm with? 

Also, being honest but not bashing a product and being able to feel free to explain my own experience that I am looking for if I’m not sure if the product will be functional for me. 

They answered all my questions and were able to give me tips on products I hadn’t even thought about. They never tried to pressure a sale on me. 

That’s the kind of quality experience and not to mention products that I would like to continue having access to.  

 – By Dee Bellefonte

William Bradley

William Bradley

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