Veteran’s Corner – Sept 2020

September Veteran’s Corner

Welcome Back! Let’s jump into what is going on in this issue. In this issue, we will be discussing keeping up with all the work without burning yourself out, what to do when an accident happens, and finally when to ask for help. So, let’s get this briefing started! I do not know if you are like me but my to-do list is miles long and it seems like it constantly gets longer. So how do I cope and why does it really matter? It matters because if we can all manage the stresses that we suffer from day to day, then we can manage how we react to stressful situations that arise out of everyday life. First off, I want to say that burn out is real, and it is important that you recognize the signs and symptoms of burn out. Most of us are just trying to make it from day to day whether we are growers, dispensers, advocates, or simply patients, but the things to do pile up against us. Before I started growing, I had lots of free time, now between compliance and taking care of my ladies I have little time left to enjoy the whole reason I started growing, the simple joy of growing medicine. Yet, I still find time to have somewhat of a life and rediscovered the joy of growing, but how you may ask. By setting realistic goals throughout the week. Take the time to sit down each week and make a list of what you have to get done. Then attack your list item by item. What do I mean by that maybe one day you need to fix some plumbing in your grow, and the list of items to do is 10 items? Break down those items into segments. Gather all your materials and tools, then break down the tasks. It sounds so simple but we tend to look at the whole the 10 items when if we break it down it is like eating a 25-ounce steak not all at once but bite by bite. If you can focus on the bites instead of the steak it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. If you are already feeling burnt out, please keep reading as we will discuss who and how to discuss your feelings of being overwhelmed. To add to my list, I have recently had an accident where I tore the meniscus in my left knee. This has added to the list of stresses that I wake up with daily and has definitely had an unsavory effect on my growing efforts. How do you deal with the disappointment of accidentally creating an extra effort or list item? Honestly, you do what you can, when you can. I understand with plants you have certain things to do especially at certain times, but you can plan and execute your plan. If you are laid up after a surgery or something else work on learning more on your craft and realize that you may have to ask for help. Finally, as we wrap up, I want to talk briefly about when to ask for help. I Know, I Know, us Veterans don’t ask for help. But sometimes we have to, and honestly, it relieves a lot of stress when you do end up asking for help. If you have a spouse or partner, lean on them, maybe they will get the growing bug as well or start to understand how difficult it is to grow your own medicine. Regardless, you need to know that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength! The reason is simple maybe you can ask your friends, your local dispo, or a fellow grower or person you trust. I posit that asking them for help will not only relieve some stress but also build a stronger relationship between you and that person as they learn all of the effort that goes into your tasks! I want you to know that you guys are keeping these articles coming and I am looking forward to your feedback. If you have a subject that you would like for me to expound upon leave me a pithy message and let’s see what we can come up with! 

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William Bradley

William Bradley

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